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lauryl glucoside 110615-47-9
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Catalyst and Auxiliary/Surface Active Agent

lauryl glucoside
CAS NO : 110615-47-9
MF : C18H36O6
MW : 348.47484
Product description : Name APG1214 INCI Name LAURYL GLUCOSIDE CAS No. 110615-47-9 Appearance, 25°C Pale yellow liquid/paste C chain distribution <= c10="" c12="" c14="" c16="" (base="" substance:="" fatty="" alcohol)="" 0%~4%="" 67%~75%="" 23%~30%="" 0%~2%="" active="" content="" (100-water,="" wt="" %)="" ≥50.0="" ph="" (10%aq="" solution)="" 11.5-12.5="" free="" alcohol="" (wt="" %)="" ≤1.0="" ash="" (wt="" %)="" ≤4.0="" viscosity="" (mpa·s),="" 20°c="" ﹥3000="" butyl="" glucoside="" 0="" water="" (wt="" %)="" 47-50="" density="" (g/cm3),="" 25°c="" 1.07-1.09="" dp="" 1.3-1.5="" surface="" tension="" (mn/m),="" 25°c,="" 0.1%="" 28-30="" microorganism="" (total="" viable="" count="" ,="" cfu/g)="" ≤10="" example="" of="" applications="" apg1214="" is="" a="" nonionic="" surfactant="" that="" provides="" superior="" detergency,="" emulsifying,="" penetrating="" and="" surface="" tension="" reduction="" properties.="" it="" shows="" good="" compatibility="" with="" all="" other="" types="" of="" surfactants.="" synergistic="" and="" thickening="" effects="" can="" be="" found,="" especially="" when="" mixed="" with="" capb,="" sls,="" sles,="" etc.="" apg1214="" is="" very="" effective="" in="" hard="" surface="" cleaning="" and="" processing.="" like="" all="" apg="" products,="" apg1214="" is="" mild="" and="" readily="" biodegradable.="" due="" to="" its="" unique="" performance="" in="" cleaning,="" emulsifying="" and="" thickening,="" apg1214="" is="" widely="" used="" in="" personal="" care="" products,="" hard="" surface="" cleaners,="" i&i="" cleaners,="" agrochemical="" emulsifiers="" and="" formulations="" which="" require="" thickening="" effects.="" due="" to="" the="" presence="" of="" magnesium="" oxide="" (max.="" 300ppm)="" and="" the="" high="" ph="" value,="" turbidity,="" which="" has="" no="" negative="" effects="" on="" performance,="" may="" occur.="" when="" ph="" value="" is="" adjusted="" to="" neutral,="" its="" turbidity="" disappears.="" there="" may="" be="" crystallization="" when="" the="" product="" is="" stored="" at="" room="" temperature.="" there="" may="" be="" sedimentation="" depending="" on="" storage="" time.="" in="" this="" case,="" the="" product="" should="" be="" heated="" and="" stirred="" until="" uniform="" before="" use.="">
Synonyms : Lauryl polyglucose;D-Glucopyranose, Oligomeric, C10-16-Alkyl Glycosides;D-Glucopyranose,Oligomeric,C10-C16-Alkylglycosides;Alkyl D-Glucopyranoside;(C10-16)Alkyl D-Glycopyranoside;APG 1214;
Molecular Structure : lauryl glucoside 110615-47-9

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